• Z to interact (or touch the circle button)
  • Arrow keys to move (or touch the left and right arrows)
  • Up and down arrow keys to cycle inventory (or touch the up and down arrows)

Introspect is a surreal adventure game about a man confronting his personal demons.

Play in full screen for best experience.

Average playtime is approximately 8-12 minutes.

Created by

  • Rachel White
  • Matt Thomas
  • Danielle Wallace
  • Marykay Anhalt
  • Kimia Zadegan

Built using the free version of Construct 2.

Now features touch controls.


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This was a beautiful game. I can actually picture this in a larger game, as part of a sequence where you learn *why* a character became the way they are: colder, selfish, honest. Wonderful!


Really nice stuff, neat art style and an excellent soundtrack.


This definitely plays games with the psyche! I loved every moment of it! The pixelated visuals have a charm of their own, and the soundtrack was suited perfectly to the environment. A brilliant experience!


Amazing game from the music to the storyline and background designs. Would highly recommend to other players in the community.

I love the amazing atmosphere this game gives off and the music just draws you in even more! Awesome game with a deep story to go with it