A downloadable game for Windows

Mecha Sheriff is a small open world beat 'em up. In the year 25XX, Mecha Sheriff Katano and his partner Detective Samurai Man cause the criminal underworld of Neo-New Milwaukee to cower in fear. Together, they are the best crime fighting duo around.

One day, Sheriff Katano finds his partner murdered under mysterious circumstances. Take on the role of Mecha Sheriff Katano, and explore the world of Neo-New Milwaukee to find out what happened. Collect enough clues to discover the truth!

-Z to punch
-C to interact
-Arrow keys or WASD to move

Created by
Cooper Morse
Matthew Thomas
Xavier Toomer
Rachel White

Install instructions

Extract "MechaSheriff.exe" and "MechaSheriff_Data" to the same folder. Then run "MechaSheriff.exe"


Download Mecha Sheriff 21 MB


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Significantly well done. Great story. I love how unique the artwork is, the humor throughout, Mecha Sheriff's proud walk and his cool punch animations! 5/5 Stars